New Beginnings…

Here marks a sign of change…

For many, January marks the beginning of a new year, but for me, the real time for change is February. I like to think of January as my 31 day “free trial” for the new year. February has always been the time to really take action on the decisions made throughout the course of my free trial and in 2017, already, I have taken a few major steps towards building up my social presence and personal brand. Thus far, for example, I have created a brand new YouTube channel to help present some of my thoughts as simple 2-5 minute videos, primarily to sum up and visualise some of my key, more interesting thoughts and ideas. I also made this beautiful new website to start my very own blog, ideally to go into more depth about some of my YouTube ideas, and also as a base for me to post a few more lengthy ideas – such as my political or sociological views on the world.

In the near future, I hope these two platforms will help me develop a lot of useful skills and attributes for me to work with, especially my writing and literacy skills. Writing was always a firm passion of mine, but my future in STEM swiftly killed off my dreams of being a sell the world’s greatest author of all time – thanks, Einstein. Similarly, I’ve always felt an urge to help people by sharing my wisdom and experiences, where I often feel a great sense of accomplishment when I see someone I’ve influenced reach new heights in life. Using YouTube and various other social platforms, I aim to pass my advice around to all of my 2 subscribers (not to mention my rather modest 500 odd followers on Twitter) and hopefully make their lives even a little better. 20 subscribers by the end of the month would be the dream, but this is just the beginning, right?

Alas, it’s 11:31 PM on at the time of writing and I’m yet to reach the edge of my bed in order to start the day, so I guess there’s still a long way to go.

‘Til next time!


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