Building a Personal Brand – First Week

Over the last two weeks, I have put a large amount of work into building and developing my personal brand.

For those who don’t know, personal branding is the idea of you marketing yourself or your career as a brand. This is usually achieved by having a strong social media influence, using various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. In particular, YouTube, blogging sites and Instagram seem to be the most profitable platforms for your personal brand, but the practice of building a social presence goes far beyond the financial perks of the trade.

In the last week, I put a lot of effort into increasing my social influence in order to gradually develop my very own personal brand. In order to do this, I created a new YouTube channel and this blog (as mentioned in my first blog post, found here) which have been very fun to work on. I have also put some time into building my Twitter and Instagram following over the last few months, and I’ve seen some pretty big improvements. On Twitter, for example, I now find that posting during the day actually decreases my overall engagement rate. I tend to get more likes and retweets when I post between 12 and 3 AM. I also noticed that tweets with pictures or links in them tend to garner a much higher engagement rate that tweets of just text. By making a few extra tweets every now and then with a picture attached or a link embedded, seemingly helped me go from 400 odd followers at the end of 2016, to 528 at the time of writing. Don’t get me wrong, one picture a month won’t automatically get you 120 odd followers out of nowhere, but tweeting about interesting stuff, at peak times, will definitely help you build quite the following.

Similarly, I went from posting once every 6 months to once every 3 months on Instagram (I know, 3 months is still a very long time) and my photos went from getting  45 ish likes to well over 90. Mind you, I’m still not famous, but I’m definitely on the right track, right? Instagram is a very different platform to Twitter and the ranking algorithm seems to make timing much less important, however, posting in the early evening seems to be the best time, according to published articles on Huffington Post and Lifewire, to name a few. It also helps to like other people’s posts on the platform, but that’s a story for another day.

Unsurprisingly, my YouTube hasn’t really taken off yet and my blog is hardly ‘world changing’, but, what can you really expect after one week, and two uploads? I guess time will tell. Mind you, I have garnered 14 views on my two YouTube uploads so far, and my blog posts so far have accumulated well over 50 views in the last 9 days, from 11 different viewers that weren’t just my family, so that’s certainly something to be proud of, for now.

As always, if you have any questions, drop me an email in the contact section, or feel free to slide into my DMs anytime for some advice or tips. I plan to bring some more impressive numbers in my next update, probably at the one or six month mark. For the time being, let’s keep building!

Stay blessed.


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