Building a Personal Brand – First Month

One month later and still kicking it…

I’ve learnt a lot in this last month of working on my social influence. Since my last update on this, I’ve managed to pass many milestones, including 600 followers on Twitter and 400 on Instagram, as well as passing 100 likes for the first time on Instagram. I’ve also surpassed 250 all-time views on this blog and 100 on my YouTube channel, both of which I started working on almost exactly a month ago, hence the title.

These achievements aren’t exactly “groundbreaking”, but I have learnt a lot by getting this far. One big lesson I’ve learnt is the power of the hustle. I’ve faced a lot of challenges this month with my family and my studies, and it was very easy for me to take a week away from life to get my head together. When I got back, you realise that life isn’t autonomous and that no progress had been made…

It’s hard being behind so it’s good to keep up… But why not try to stay ahead?

It’s weird how it’s taken me 18 years, 9 months and 11 days to figure this out, considering I’ve disappeared before, but being an optimist I must say it’s a great learning point and that now is the perfect time to have such a learning curve. To only way to move forward is to move, and you don’t move when you’re in hiding.

Moving forward, it’s important to understand that you WILL have bad days and you WILL have to run away from life every now and then, you can’t ignore your feelings. The lesson here is to make the most of your ‘up’ time, in order to take some ‘down’ time. Now that I have free time and I’m feeling good, I’m going to get a lot of work done, write a bunch of blog posts and hopefully produce a good few YouTube videos, this way I won’t have to do anything later on when I’m potentially more stressed or back in hiding. Previously, I’d do whatever needs to be done when the time comes then chill in between, but what if something comes up when I have a post due? What if I can’t make a deadline? It’s okay forget to buy milk every now and then, but as you get older, you start to get real responsibilities with real deadlines… No more losses in 2017, please.

Let’s work on being efficient.

It’s been a bumpy first month for me but it’s all about learning from here and hopefully, I’ll improve in due time… Time will tell.

I decided monthly targets would be more suitable for my growth in such a tricky stage in life, but I’ll only do these official updates when I reach ‘major’ milestones.

In light of that, by the end of March I aim to;

Reach 25 Subscribers on YouTube and 250 Channel Views (currently 12 and 101 respectively),

Pass 750 All-Time Views on This Blog,


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