Spring Cleaning

It’s finally getting warm!

Well, about as warm as it can ever get in the UK… Global warming aside.

For those who have been reading my blog for a while now, you’ll know that these last few weeks have been very bumpy. For those who know me personally, you’ll also know that I’ve been campaigning a lot over the last week or so for the BME (Black and Minority Ethnics) Officer position in my university, as well as Course Rep (again) and ACS (African Caribbean Society) Vice President.

It’s easy to understand why I have been so stressed recently, not to mention all the deadlines I had to meet for my course, where engineering is considered one of the most challenging subjects… Through this, I realised how important this blog and my YouTube videos really are to me, I now understand why I do it.

Having said that, much more work needs to be done for me to reach a point in life where I can sit back and enjoy, and that work is only going to come from me.

I recently added a ‘Music’ section to my ‘Ebert Suggests’ page, so be sure to check that out while you’re here! I plan to add more pages as time goes by, probably every 3-4 weeks so you all have time to go through my suggestions and pick out the things you like and don’t like – comments are very welcome!

I’ve also started a ‘Short Thoughts’ segment on my YouTube channel to attract a new audience and, hopefully, open some doors for me to take my content down in the near future. This will include various discussion points, short stories, or just funny skits for my growing community. The Shorts could also pose as placeholder videos for times when I need a little more time to work on my main project, or for when I’m lacking motivation or inspiration to make a meaningful full-length video.

Either way, Spring is here and it’s time to clean up my act. Out with the old “I’ll do it tomorrow” Jordan, and in with the new “I’ll do it in a few hours” Jordan. Spring is when we innovate, and build on the foundations we set up in February… Or January if you haven’t read my first ever blog post!

Alas, the journey continues…

For those wondering, I didn’t win the BME position, despite getting a lot of love from the people running it for my efforts during campaign week. I haven’t heard back about my Course Rep nomination yet, and my campaigning for ACA VP only officially started today. Campaigning, therefore, ends on the 28th, and results will be presented on the 31st March – be sure to stick around for that!

Wish me luck!


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