Short Thoughts

In my last blog post, I briefly mentioned the new Short Thoughts segment coming to my YouTube channel. In this post, I’m going to quickly address some of the thoughts that have inspired me for some upcoming videos. The videos won’t actually be out for a while as I try to space out my releases, but I’m going to discuss a handful of ideas here anyway just so you guys can see what I’m thinking and possibly comment on certain theories or ideas for me to consider when I eventually produce the videos!

So, without further ado…

The First Date:

Why it is expected that men should pay for the first date? A VERY good theory I’ve heard from a good friend is to do with the wage gap…But not the one you’re thinking about.

Historically, only men were allowed to work in proper jobs, whereas women were traditionally housewives, expected to stay home and clean, cook, or take care of the kids. In this case, it is very understandable for women to expect men to pay for the first date, not because women are uptight or have high standards, but simply because once upon a time, it was literally not possible for them to pay for a date. Now, obviously, the situation has changed and women are thankfully allowed to work, as well as vote and be Prime Minister. Maybe one day they can be the POTUS too!

Yet again, our attitudes have failed to keep up with our society, but we’re getting there. The idea that men are the ‘chasers’ in society is very silly, and believing a date isn’t a date unless someone offers to pay is equally as silly – dating is about spending time, not money!

Moving forward, ladies, start paying for dates and gents, give them a chance… Ask to go half and stop leaving big tips to look cool… You’re not.

The Wage Gap:

I mentioned the wage gap above and I KNOW some guys will get angry at that. Ignorance is a big issue here where some people seem to think women get paid less than men on an individual basis, doing the exact same work. This isn’t true, but this isn’t what is meant by the wage gap. The problem is that more women are working in fields that pay less money, like hairdressers or secretaries, while more men are getting into higher paid fields, like engineering or computing.

It’s not a case of telling women to apply for better jobs as it’s an issue within society. The fact that we can look up to individual talents to represent a “strong woman” persona, like Beyoncé or Michelle Obama, shows us that women are very, VERY underrepresented in the modern world. Looking deeper at the Beyoncé example shows us how bad it really it. Beyoncé didn’t just wake up one day, release Lemonade and get millions of fans, she had to work extremely hard for years, making her way up through her image more so than her words. What if you, like most girls, don’t have an incredible body, a stunning personality or a strong, powerful voice like Beyoncé?

Need more proof? How many other movies have the same message as Hidden Figures, that women are integral parts of our society? Have you even seen Hidden Figures? If not, black women are the reason why NASA made it to the moon, can you believe it?

Didn’t think so.


There is more below this, but I thought I’d have my updates half way through this article because I know it’s getting a little long, and I want to make sure everyone sees this!

Brief updates – I’m far from reaching my goals for this month, but I’ll keep pushing. Also well over budget so times aren’t looking to get any easier, but I’m an engineer and I get paid to solve problems, so we’ll get there. On a more positive note, I won the Course Rep election (again)! I will be back home for most of April for Easter so you can expect a lot of good content, positive vibes and success stories coming soon – watch this space!


Engineering is the Best:

People enjoy calling me arrogant and silly for saying that engineering degrees are worth more than arts degrees, and that’s probably why they’re doing an art degree. Joke, I don’t hate art, and I sure as hell don’t see myself as more important than someone who does an arts degree, but you all need to understand that the earning potential in engineering is much higher than the earning potential in any other degree, not just the arts. The key word here is potential, yes, the potential is higher in engineering, but this doesn’t mean that all engineers earn more than all historians. You can be successful in any field, the only real variable is you, whether you work hard to reach that success or just coast and settle for less.

In fact, you don’t even need a degree to be successful, so if you’re really that upset about studying the history of art, why are you even studying it? Same goes for those studying engineering or accounting. There are infinite ways to make a living. If you want to be the best engineer of all time then yeah, do an engineering degree. If you love making things and want to earn money by selling handcrafted goods, make an Etsy account. If you like video production or entertaining people, use YouTube. The possibilities are limitless, and the key is the internet.

The Internet:

Have you ever tried Googling yourself?

I once found my full name, address, phone number, email address and the long lost city of Atlantis in a single Google search.

Is this not scaring anyone?

On the flip side, Google has all the answers to all answerable questions that have ever been asked, and more… Why do you keep asking me for help with your homework? We all have all the answers at our fingertips, yet we continue to live in a world of ignorance as if the solution isn’t in our pockets.

The power of the internet is limitless, and we own the internet… We have limitless power! Have you ever realised that KSI earns millions of pounds every year by recording videos of him shouting that he releases to the public for free? Why have so few of us caught on to this and starting using our superpowers yet?

Last but not least, Superpowers:

“Would you rather be able to fly, move very fast of walk through things?”

Well, I’m pretty quick with my words and I like to stay fly, so I guess walking through things would be a nice extra.

Personally, I’d like to control time because time is what keeps everything ticking (no pun intended), but to answer the question above, moving very fast has some elements of time manipulation in it, so…

Going back to the previous short, why do we even need super powers? We have Google!



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