Ask Questions Later

“Course Rep? That’s so long!!”

“Who has time to be in the JCR? What does that even mean, anyway?”

“Having a job on the weekend sounds terrible, man, we’re students, we’re supposed to party!”

Hello to you too! Goodness.

It has become apparent that responsibilities are the last thing many students look for as we prepare ourselves for the ever so tiresome world of work.

Being a man seeking the luxurious lifestyle of being able to tip the pizza man, I have chosen to take every opportunity life has given me. From being both the course and undergraduate rep so far in my first year at uni to running for BME Officer and ACA Vice President at the moment, for next year.

As challenging and demanding as this all sounds, having positions of responsibility on my CV (along with a 1st class degree in MEng Engineering Mathematics, perhaps?) will take me a very, very long way in my career. Career aside, however, doing stuff like this is great for my personal development, as it’ll help me become a well-rounded person, and not just someone who can solve equations. Additionally, the roles I am applying for have actually been something of great interest to me. ACA Vice President, for example, is a role that offers a platform for me to enforce a lot of the ideas and policies I had in mind for the BME Officer position, and more.

Running for all this has pushed me to new heights personally and professionally, but socially?

Having to work from late night to early morning at Domino’s at the start of the year meant I had to miss several nights out, while pulling multiple all-nighters to campaign or catch up on work meant I would sleep during the day, and miss out on various daytime activities like football or just going out for lunch.

But they don’t get it…

You gotta find the balance between having fun and having funds – sometimes you’ll have to miss out to stack up. – Carl (‘Shameless’ character)

The brutality and the truth of the message are what really gets to me. It makes you realise that although it’s important to get active and enjoy going out with your friends and family, doing so too often could be detrimental to your cash flow, as well as your development.

Having said this, people will continue to go out every day while neglecting the damage this is doing to their bank accounts. It hurts sometimes, but there’s not much I can do, especially when the vast majority of these people will criticise me for not doing the same.

The funny thing is, those who criticise me for wanting more, will ask me for advice later.

Achievement is the best way to silence critics. – Brad Lea

While there are better quotes out in the wild, this one, in particular, touches me in a way like no other, in the sense that it completely backs up the point he is trying to get across, achievement is the best way to silence the critics. Nothing more, nothing less.

One day, people will look back and see all of the things I’ve done, and wonder what I did differently to achieve all the things that they never did. I can almost guarantee no one will remember all the grafting, the grinding, the working… All the struggles that I had to go through in order to get this far in the first place. They don’t see the struggle.

I do things people won’t do, in order to, one day, do things they can’t do.

Keep hustling.


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