There’s always next year…

It rarely hurts to give someone a handful of advice as they approach some bad times, just make sure that advice is good.

On Thursday, I received some rather disheartening news from the current Bristol ACA Committee, when they announced that I had lost both Vice President AND Press Representative roles in the recent elections, and, naturally, a lot of people had something to say about the matter.

I was the best candidate, I should’ve won. I’ll have better luck next year, and I shouldn’t be upset.

Those are just a handful of things I was expected to believe by the end of the night, after talking my friends and various spectators. Everyone seemingly voted for me, and were surprised when they saw the vote go the other way, but, why did it go the other way?

Was I not good enough, or was the other candidate just spectacular? Were the votes rigged, or is someone lying? Perhaps there were other voters that I just hadn’t heard from, whatever the answer may be, the result won’t be changing anytime soon.

Taking a loss here and there have unfortunately become a regular occurrence in my life these days, and that undoubtedly brings along a big bag of disparity, sadness and demotivation. The weird thing is, where does all of this desolation come from? It can’t be the loss because losing is a natural thing in life, it’s not possible to win at everything.

Why is it that we suddenly get hundreds of more friends when something bad happens? Why do people always associate loss with pain, or that advice needs to be given?

It’s always appreciated to have someone be there for you when you’re down, but there is a HUGE difference between being there, and being there.

To anyone who has been feeling like how I have been feeling, I didn’t write this to say I’m sorry… I wrote this to say congratulations.

Congratulations for dusting yourself off after the last loss, and getting back up to fight again.

Congratulations for staying tight after hearing the news, it’s never easy to keep your cool in times like this. It’s very easy to run away and hide, but a true champion never runs away, even when it’s totally acceptable to do so.

Congratulations for making it this far, and putting an absolute shift in. You’re only upset because you wanted it and because you tried, and nothing feels worse than losing something you’ve worked hard for, but nothing will ever compare to the relief you’ll feel when you get it right next year.

Congratulations for being upset, and for crying. There’s no time to ‘act like a man’ or whatever, we’re all entitled to express ourselves and to feel pain, wear that sorrow with pride.

Congratulations in advance for next year. Remember this feeling and embrace it, cause it’s only going to make you stronger.

And last but not least, congratulations for listening. No one wants to talk about a loss, but sometimes it’s good to remember that yes, you may have lost, but no, you are not a loser.

These are the words I wish my people would’ve said, as it helps keep me in check and realise that each loss is just the start of my next success story.

I would like you to forget about next year for now and think back to why you did all this in the first place. What inspired you to take this journey, and what drove you to continue? Why didn’t you quit sooner, instead of waiting it out until the end?

Whether it be due to the amount of money spent or the hours given, for some reason, you wanted this thing more than anything else in the world, and you’re going to quit now because of one loss?

Be real, keep fighting.


At any rate, congratulations to me for not giving up. It’s very easy to call quits nowadays as mental health has become even more of a concern amongst the most vulnerable members of our community, and it’s safe to assume that no one really knows how to deal with this issue. Having said that, few things feel better than optimism. Knowing that better days are on the horizon is a great feeling, and believing that you’re doing something right will undoubtedly give you a reason to continue doing just that.

Empathy is such a powerful ability that should get its own post soon, but the time for that has passed for now. Losing BME was sad, but ACA just sucked the life out of me, especially after hearing that I got 0% in an assignment that I thought I had done reasonably well in. Having to face the increasingly likely scenario which sees me retaking my first year at university, and wasting ~£17,000, takes a serious amount of joy from your soul, but I’ll be back soon and better than ever… I hope.

Updates: I’m not going to be part of the ACA Committee next year, nor will I be the BME Officer, but I was good enough to win Course Rep. There are no more elections at the moment, and nothing else really to take my attention as the term draws to an end, so I guess the only way is up from here, time will tell.

Stay blessed.





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