Hidden in Plain Sight

I remember complaining to myself a few weeks ago about why I do it all, and about how easy it can be to stop doing something because nobody even cares…

Then, last week I lost in the ACA elections, and people were consistently talking to me about how and why I lost, about how I could do things better and about why certain aspects of my campaigning were less good than others…

Then I got thinking…

Isn’t it great that no one cares?

I have begun to realise that, being hidden, not having many fans, followers or readers is in many ways an advantage in itself.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’d be great to have plenty of engaged readers on my blog and active viewers on my YouTube channel to watch and read my content, but I’m very far from that right now and this is by no means a bad thing.

Being hidden, at any point in time, means I can get away with doing a lot of stuff that I probably can’t get away with, with 100s of eyes on me. It’s great having the freedom to experiment with my posts, and the way I present them. It’s great being able to focus on my technique and my ability to post on time, as opposed to being completely conscious on the quality of each post. Having such room to grow it’s a brilliant asset, that I certainly wouldn’t have so freely with an enormous fan base.

My blog is right here, in the middle of the internet for the whole world to see, yet I remain hidden, and I keep growing.

Quality in the past has been little more than a distraction, as continues to prevent millions of people from doing what they want to do. People will want to start a blog or YouTube channel, like me, but opt out of it because they aren’t skilled enough, or don’t have the right equipment. They claim to be perfectionists in a world where you need to be the best from day one in order to make it big. In a world where you can become great in one day, with one try. This is all nonsense and constantly serves as an excuse to not do anything, an excuse procrastinate and an excuse to not try.

Had I started this blog sooner, like I’d planned, I’d probably be a lot closer to my goals by now, and I’d probably have found that elusive 14th subscriber on YouTube. Fortunately, I still started and my journey has begun, but I’m certain that plenty of people out there are still hiding away from achieving their goals, their dreams.

For me personally, the way I have grown to combat this is by setting deadlines and meeting them no matter what. Thus far, I haven’t even been doing that and I’m playing catch up in almost all aspects of my life, but as long as something is getting done and progress is being made, I try not to complain too much. It’s also interesting sometimes to go back and read old posts to see how far I’ve come, and how much I’ve learned since then.

From summer, I’m going to start transferring £1 into a savings account every time I don’t meet a deadline, and at the end of each year, I’m going to give all the raised money to a charity. Things like this not only force you to meet deadlines, but it should hopefully improve my ability to execute. Worst case scenario I raise £365 for charity which I guess is still something to be proud of?

Alas, one day people will go back and see this and hopefully, people will realise that my success was built over months and months of pure hard work… Assuming I make it big, of course.

Time will tell.

On the topic of deadlines, I’m aiming to post only once a week over this Easter break in order to give myself time to enjoy the time off, as well as less heartache to my readers when you come back from holiday and realise you only have to catch up 3 articles.

As I’m still catching up from before Easter, I’ll probably post about 3-4 times this week, but from Monday expect this space to be pretty empty!


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