It’s Just A Glitch

Have you ever got up and left something somewhere, and come back to see that this something has moved, disappeared even? So you get up again and look for it, only to come back and see that the item you ‘lost’ was right there all along?

Why does this happen?

I remember waking up about a month ago and unlocking my phone to see that I had two new subscribers on YouTube, taking me to a grand total of 13, only to check on my actual YouTube channel to see that it had all been a glitch and I hadn’t really made any progress over that night. One month later I’m actually on 13, but that’s beyond the point.

After a month of grinding and posting on schedule (most of the time), I’ve finally started to see progress and reach the standard I thought I was at back then.

Back in February, a day after posting my current most viewed blog post ‘What Are You Doing?‘, I somehow managed to attain a somewhat staggering 67 views and 12 likes in one day, substantially more than my current second best day, ranking with 21 views and 4 likes…

I was starting to wonder why I haven’t reached such heights since, and what it’ll take to write anything even half as good as that one article, then I lost my phone… So I went looking all around the house – upstairs, downstairs, the garden and the driveway.

Where had my phone gone? Where have my ‘good’ posts gone, and my creative capacity?

I gave up on my search and began to head back to my room. Since I now had no phone, nothing to distract me from work right?


My phone was right there, on my desk, where I left it. And my creative thoughts?

You’re looking at it.

Now, there’s a lot to interpret from this analogy so I have to encourage you all to remain open-minded on this one. What I will say, however, is that it’s very easy to look at your life and feel like something is missing or wrong. Like something is lost.

Sometimes it can be good to take a break and relax, then re-evaluate the situation, or take a second, more informed look at your life. Many a time you’ll find that the answer was right before your eyes the whole time.

It’s also good to understand that sometimes, things are never actually ‘lost’. Maybe you just weren’t looking hard enough the first time, or perhaps you were looking too hard. Focusing on one solution can often prevent you from seeing the wider problem, and other solutions associated with the rest problem. Sometimes the best way to achieve your goals is to keep going.

There’s much more I can say on this, so expect a short follow up in my next post!

I won’t have many updates over this Easter break as nothing major is coming up, but I have a few family events and birthdays coming up. I’ll also be putting a LOT of time into my YouTube videos (and uni work, of course) over the next 3 weeks, so I must encourage you all to check that out here, and to like the videos and subscribe to my channel if you like what you see and want to see more!

Alas, ’til next time.


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