Pause, Save Game.

Remember Tetris?

Didn’t you hate it when you were about 5 lines away from breaking the all-time world record, moments before your phone glitches out and you make one fatal mistake, eventually costing you the game, and the record? Or to have your little brother/sister walk past and bump into you, causing you to drop your phone, and watch as it falls into the pits of oblivion, along with the last ball in your inventory in Brick Breaker?

Wouldn’t it be great if Pacman and Space Invaders had save buttons, or if Tetris and Brick Breaker had checkpoints?


But that’s beyond the point…

I often find myself confused, tired and angry when I set off on a new venture in life, only to crash and burn and feel like I haven’t actually progressed at all in life. Similarly, in Tetris, it’s easy to go through a whole chapter feeling like this is going to be the one, moments before it all goes wrong and you have to start again.

The sad truth is that there are many circumstances in life where this very logic is obvious. When campaigning, for example, I thought everything was perfect throughout the process, but we all know how that one ended… Now I stand back at square one, wondering whether I’ve actually taken anything away or not. I could very easily get up again and fail without learning anything, just as easily as I could win with 100% of the votes. There’s no way of knowing how the next round will pan out in advance.

Checkpoints enable you to pause and reflect on your progress, and also to recover a little from the last advancement and get yourself together for the next part of your journey, like graduating from High School or Sixth Form/College before setting off for College or University. Checkpoints enable you to feel secure about your position and continue to grow from it, without damaging the foundations you’ve already put a lot of time into developing.

Reaching university has been great for me as it means I no longer need to worry about my pre-uni blunders as I begin to recreate my image and reconstruct my life based on the progress I’ve made thus far, but what do I do for the next four years?

Anything I do between now and my earliest possible graduation in June 2020 will be a complete gamble, that’s impossible to hook to any variable of which to track my progress or success. YouTube is different as I can base my progress on my number of subscribers, similarly to blogging I can base my progress on my number of followers and readers, but all other aspects of my life, for now, will be completely dependent on whether I win or lose…

The difficulty here is that any “glitch” I encounter for the next few years will be completely unobservable unless I have something to compare this too. I’ll never know if what I’m doing is right or wrong until the end, and I’ll never know if it was worth it until I make it. Another difficulty is that whether I do accomplish, could very possibly have little to no effect on my career prospects, or life as a whole.

Thankfully, a lot of things in life are observable and even if they don’t affect my life in the future, it’ll definitely help in the present, also makes for a good story!







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