Shooting for the Stars?

At what point do you stop being a dreamer, and start being ambitious?

It seems like no one ever looks at the sky for long enough anymore to reach the skies, let alone the moon…

But what about those that aim above the sky? What if moonshots aren’t enough for me?

We were all kids once, and naturally, we were all dreamers. There comes a point in life where you stop dreaming and start chasing. We become ambitious. Dreamchasers. We start giving those dreams deadlines, turning them into goals and one day, hopefully, a reality.

So, whatever happened to shooting for the stars?

People seem so content with average nowadays, so much so that we see many people settling for less in various aspects of life. Whether that be with fake love or failing relationships, offers from universities that are well below your reach, or jobs that don’t really test your abilities. It’s sad, but it’s real, and it’s happening to you right now…

It’s happening to me right now, too.

I was walking through campus a few weeks ago when I saw a poster, titled Think Big, Act Local. Now, for most students walking by, this was just more SU propaganda, demanding that we stop wasting paper by buying new books each year, and start buying used books from past students, cause doesn’t everyone love dog-eared paper and missing pages?

To me, this was a call from within. Many a time in my life, I’ve had my great ambitions fade into the dark realm of “wishful thinking”, only to fade out completely and never be achieved, or thought about again. It’s easy to have a big idea with the promise to take over the world, then have it fail instantly when you realise how big the world really is. Many great ideas fizzle out when you take them to a stage to big and blind to acknowledge the true greatness behind the idea, and this is when they falter.

Not anymore.

In the last few days, I have refined my way of thinking. Shooting for the stars is great and I’ll never stop aiming for the edge of the universe, but before I make that shot for the top spot, I’m going to have to take over the world, England, London, and myself.

It’s possible to be the best, but before you get there, you must overtake everyone along the way. Before I can change the world with one of my great ideas, let me change the mind of the 7 haters that dare undermine my brilliance. Before you become the most popular comedian of all time, let you be the most popular comedian in your group of friends. All great ideas, no matter how world changing, must start at the bottom. No matter how big your level of thinking, you must ALWAYS act as big as you are, as big as your community is. Before you can conquer the world, you must first conquer yourself…

Think Big, Act Local.

As the Easter break draws to a close, my upload schedule begins to fill up once again, just in time for exam season…

This week, I also have two great books to recommend. So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport isn’t exactly related to this post, but it contains a very powerful message about your work ethic and the powers of self-evaluation. It’s one thing to shoot for the stars, but it’s quite another to actually hit them. If you’re trying to be successful but keeping doing the same thing and making the same mistakes, you’re never going to make it. Another great book to look at is Getting Things Done by David Allen. This book is much more technical than the aforementioned book, but I feel like the technicalities of greatness help some people more than the practical aspects of it. Either way, both books are great reads and will undoubtedly change your life.

Alas, I’m back and better after that brief break for Easter, so stick around for plenty of fresh, thought-provoking posts!


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