Building a Personal Brand – First Quarter

Three months in and still hustlin’.

To be completely honest, this first quarter has been very eye-opening. This time 3 months ago, if you told me I’d have a fully functioning website with over 30 accessible posts/pages on it, I’d think you were insane. Now, three months later, I have not only built this website from the ground up, but I’ve also seen my YouTube channel pass 600 all time views, with just over 250 views on a single video! I also now have over 30 subscribers on that channel, and well over 750 all-time views on this blog.

There’s not really much I can add since my last post on Building a Personal Brand because I’m still trying to let the lessons from last time sink in, but that hasn’t stopped me from bumping into all different sorts of obstacles along the way.

The biggest problem I’ve faced thus far has been my limited scope for creative content. Creators block is something very real and very scary, but it’s something we can overcome with time… I think. It’s become an increasingly common picture where I’d sit down at my desk and just stare soullessly into a blank, empty document, just waiting for words to appear on the page by themselves. Obviously, this never happens, and I have to spend time trying to come up with something new and fun for me to post on my blog or YouTube channel.

One thing I’ve learned is that focusing is the worst way to be creative, ever. Focusing on one thing just makes it impossible for us to consider different things and new angles to approach the situation at hand. I find that most of my best ideas come from my ‘stray’ thoughts while sitting on the toilet or when lying in bed. The key to being creative is to think about things in different ways, and the only way to take a new approach to a topic is to not focus on one way of doing it.

Finding something new and creative is something you can consider overnight but, naturally, whenever you find a great idea, you should knuckle down and focus on it for at least a while and see where it goes, as this is the only way you can pursue a new idea. The cure for cancer obviously isn’t just a snooze away, but the path to find an answer sure as hell might be. There’s also the idea of remixing what already exists and making it your own, the power of innovation. I haven’t yet tried this method of creating because I’m still coming up with my own inventive ideas (for now, at least…), but one day this is definitely going to be something I take more seriously.

The difficulty with this whole process is that finding the time and energy to do it all can be exceptionally hard alongside a degree (and a job when I find a new). Sometimes, it’s good to remind myself why I do itin order to keep on doing it.



As exams pretty much dominate all of May and June for me, it would be silly to set high targets for myself this month as, naturally, I won’t be devoting much time to this blog or my YouTube channel for the next two months. However, by the end of June, it’ll be nice to have achieved the following (all-time):

YouTube: 45 Subscribers and 750 views

Blog: 15 Followers, 1000 visits, and 200 visitors



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