Birthday Boy

Being 18 was fun.

I remember stepping into the world of adulthood for the first time and thinking to myself, this wasn’t so bad. Being 18 was no harder than being 17, except I’m – legally – allowed to buy alcohol now, and watch 18 rated movies or get into clubs.

I could already learn to drive as the legal age for that is 16 here, and I already owned a motorbike so not much was new. You can also buy scratch cards and lottery tickets from 16 so that’s fine, and the legal age of consent is 16 also.

Being 18 was nothing, adulthood isn’t a thing.

Then I started university…

You see, growing old doesn’t do much to you outside of what’s legal and what’s not, but new experiences? Those can change you forever.

I’ll write a more informative version of this in due time, as, if you haven’t noticed, today is my birthday! 

People will talk about how much they’ve changed and developed during their first year in university, when the truth is, we change all the time. We don’t notice these changes before university because we’re typically in the same institution we were in at the tender age of 11, do you remember being that young?

When you form a reputation for yourself at such a young age, those memories and that image that you have created will stick with you until you prove that you are not the same… Not just to yourself, but to your peers too.

Obviously, in the grand scheme of things, your peers don’t actually mean that much, and their opinions of you should never impact your general happiness in a significant way, but damn.

Change is influenced primarily by your environment and your interpretations on what you observe, so, growing up around the same people in the same places is unlikely to teach you much, and the little you do learn, you won’t fully be able to grasp until you step outside of your comfort zone, and begin to make sense of the madness you’ve been watching this whole time… Life.

Alas, starting university for me was a shocker, as everyone here wishes to do well in life. Growing up around the mindless gave me the impression that doing one or two things to compliment my CV was enough for a great career, that playing one or two sports was enough to keep me as fit as ever, that reading one or two books was enough to make me a well-rounded person…


There’s always someone doing more, and there’s always someone doing less. The key is the do you, don’t worry about the people around you as they’re just doing them. Had I never felt so advanced based on my old friends and their failures, I never would’ve felt so behind looking at my new friends and their successes.

Being 18 was fun, but now I’m 19… And the world is mine.

In many ways, being 18 for me was a vacation. I had achieved everything that I’d wanted to achieve from birth to 17, so there was no reason for me to particularly excel here at university.

NB those born in September would have this epiphany at age 19, shout out to my summer babies!

Now that I’m 19, I look back at my days as an 18-year-old and see how much time I wasted, doing basically nothing to further myself in life. Naturally, it’s good to realise that this was all done out of ignorance, I didn’t always want to be a top YouTuber, for example. Having said that, the foundations for the better life were set over the last 12 months, and this year I plan on starting my empire – stick around and see it grow!

Alas, happy June 1st everyone!


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