The Reboot

So… It’s July…

I know I said I’d get a lot of work done, and post a lot of stuff throughout June, but man…

Did any of you guys read about My Lazy Problem?

Well, not to worry, neither did I.

The problem about laziness is that we’re great at noticing and understanding that we’re being lazy, but not quite clever enough to break out of the cycle and get stuff done. This, of course, is different to relaxing, as laziness is often a product of stress and confusion, as opposed to the lack thereof. In short, we stress when things need doing and procrastinate when we should be doing them, in an attempt to laze around and avoid stressing ourselves further. Once lazing period passes and the work is done, the stress is lifted and a period of relaxation begins… Sometimes.

This was normal for me in lower school and sixth form as all of my exams came at once, enabling me to procrastinate all year prior to taking them and relax for the summer after having sat them.

This was not the case at university…

Why did no one tell me about coursework? Why is life so expensive?

Constant deadlines made it impossible to not work, and not working made it impossible to not stress. When one piece of work was done, more work was just beginning. Even now, for the summer, that my course has finished, the work must continue in another form if my bank account is to recover from the plague that is overdraft.

Having said that, I can go on all day about all the barriers and walls that I’ve had to jump and climb this year, and I’d certainly make a convincing case as to why life is so tough for modern day students and Millennials all over the country… But that’s a story for another day.

Today’s story is another tale of pure laziness and a lack of willpower. My inability to recover from bad times and rough patches. It’s a shame, really, because this post was to show that I’m finally back in shape to take control of my life and take over the world again, but I’m afraid I can only do that with proof and results, with answers and explanations.

And that’s what you’re going to get.

With that out of the way, welcome to chapter two.


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